11.6.2024 New poster: How Czech and Slovak citizens spend their time in cyberspace


8.4.2024 New article Pomoc k bezpečnějšímu digitálnímu prostředí


22.3.2024 New monograph: Užívání internetu, sociálních sítí a digitálních her u adolescentů: Teoretická východiska, diagnostika a strategie intervence



New monograph: Sebaregulácia v kontexte rizikového správania v dospievaní 



New article about OnlyFans and new research about self-harm



New method: Test of the Tower of Hanoi – test of executive functions

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Vítejte na nové platformě Laboratoře osobnostních charakteristik Katedry psychologie Univerzity Palackého v Olomouci, kde najdete řadu výstupů z výzkumných projektů, článků a dalších souborů souvisejících s výzkumem z oblasti psychologie osobnosti, dospívajících a rizikového chování..

Welcome to the new platform Personality Characteristics Laboratory of Department of Psychology Palacký University Olomouc, where you find a many outputs from research projects, articles and other files related to research in the field of personality psychology, adolescents and risky behavior.



PhDr. Martin Dolejš, Ph.D., together with Mgr. Jaroslava Suchá, Mgr. Helena Pipová, Mgr. et Mgr. Vanda Zemanová, Mgr. Miroslav Charvát, Ph.D., and other experts and students focuses on risky behavior during adolescence. Risky activities include drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, drug use, but also thefts, bullying, and various aggressive manifestations. Nowadays, we can also consider pathological relation to computer games and online reality as well as pathological consumption of food as risky behavior. In connection with these risk manifestations, in our research, we strive to find a personality profile that would characterize an individual who pefroms risky behavior. So we try to identify those personality traits that are related to risk-taking in various forms. Research in this area brings valuable information especially in the framework of primary prevention and intervention.

Our target population is adolescents aged 11 to 19 years. Adolescence is an important stage in every person’s life, so we consider it very important to deal with this life phase and bring new knowledge that will help understand an individual standing on the threshold of adulthood. We emphasize the representativeness and quality of research. We carry out nationwide research projects in the form of face to face research, which usually involves hundreds of respondents.

The results of our research studies serve scientists dealing with risk behaviors and can also increase the efficiency of prevention.

At the same time, we also develop psychodiagnostic methods. We would like to introduce six of them, which are available for professional public – the method of Occurrence of Risky Behavior in Adolescents Dolejš and Skopal (VRCHA), Impulse Scale Dolejš and Skopal (SIDS), Scale of Anxiety Dolejš and Skopal (SUDS), Depression Scale Dolejš, Skopal and Suchá (SDDSS), Youth Personality Questionnaire (HSPQ), and SURPS. Some psychodiagnostic methods are standardized for the Slovak adolescent population.

Other methods we are currently preparing include the Digital Gaming Questionnaire (DHDH), the Zeman and Dolejš Control Site Scale (SMKZD), the Dolejš, Skopal, Suchá (SADSS) Aggression Scale and others. You can follow the news on the website of the Department of Psychology, FF UP – www.psych.upol.cz

Our professional activities include not only working in the field of university, but also carring out custom research.

For more information or if interested in  collaboration you can contact us at jaroslava.sucha@upol.cz, martin.dolejs@upol.cz, helena.pipova01@upol.cz.

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, UP
Vodární 6
771 80 Olomouc