Internet Gaming Disorder in the population of adolescents in the Czech Republic

This study was conducted to investigate the psychometric properties of the Czech version of The Scale for Assessment of Pathological Computer-Gaming (AICA-S) and to identify the proportion of Internet gaming disorder (IGD) among juvenile gamblers in Czech primary schools and grammar schools. This study involves 2 475 students in age from 11 to 19 years (mean age 15 years, SD = ±2). The results of our research show that 0.8% of our respondents belong to the High risk group and 5.2% belong to the Low risk group – in both cases intervention is needed and overall prevention is recommended. We consider the most risky group to be adolescent boys attending primary schools, where up to 2.7% are in the High risk group. Factor analysis confirmed that the Czech variant of AICA-S has suitable psychometric properties (KMO = 0.94).