Internet addiction among Czech adolescents

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Roman Procházka, Jaroslava Suchá, Daniel Dostál, Tomáš Dominik, Martin Dolejš, Jan Šmahaj, Marek Kolařík, Ondřej Glaser, Lucie Viktorová, Martina Friedlová

Our study estimates the prevalence of Internet addiction in Czech adolescents as well as differences by gender and school type. A total of 3,950 adolescents (n = 1,940 boys, n = 2,010 girls) from 11 to 19 years of age (M = 15.73, SD = 1.99) participated in the research. They completed the Internet Addiction Test, which consists of subscales for Salience, Excessive Use, Neglect Work, Anticipation, Lack of Control, and Neglect Social Life. The results indicate that adolescent girls have higher levels of internet addiction. In boys, unlike girls, internet addiction was associated with a reduction in social relationships and interactions. Our findings show interesting differences between adolescent girls and boys and the type of school attended in the Czech population in terms of Internet addiction