HODNOTY českých a slovenských adolescentov pod vplyvom kyberpriestoru

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The monograph describes human values and value systems that are under the pressure of cyberspace, which influences their development and shape. In adolescence, values gradually mature and begin to become part of the adolescent's self. Today's generation of adolescents is firmly embedded in cyberspace and it is part of their lives. In the society of Czech and Slovak girls and boys, there is only a tiny percentage of those who do not have a social networking account or access to the Internet from home.

Imaging devices in the form of smartphones and laptops often provide adolescents with a 24-hour connection to the global network. Some adolescents use social networks or play digital games for several hours a day, and for some it is their only daily leisure activity. The research project and its results presented in this monograph are the first glimmer of research on the influence of social networking, digital games and the Internet on values and their structure. Adolescents who were identified as having lower scores on autonomous, spiritual, and social value factors spend more time on the Internet and are more likely to share videos with inappropriate content. These boys and girls are characterized by a reduced concern for the well-being of others and are less interested in social customs.

The objective results can be used as a basis for defining and planning quality prevention programs, as well as for establishing rules for safe movement in cyberspace.

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